Bottega artigiana della ceramica


All our products are handmade using natural Sardinian clay and bring a story of uniqueness. Even though trends changed over the centuries, art is still the most elegant way to decorate a vacation house by the sea, a city flat or a restaurant. The categories below show some of our creations. If you look for something different, just ask and we will try to give it a shape. Each piece is accompanied by a ceramic label.


Mediterranean fantasy

House sculpture

Lighthouse sculpture

Church sculpture

Village sculpture

Ceramic house set of 3

Shipowner workshop

Candle holder Village

Port city candle holder

House prototype 2016

Tower prototype 2016

Village glazed effect

Big Village brilliant effect

Candle holder Village

Black glittering house

Menhir Sardinia

Stone neolithic altar

Nuraghe candle holder

Perfumed oil diffuser fantasy

Sea style candle holder

Colorful Sardinia house

Ceramic tower set of 3

Christmas Nativity scene

7 white houses with cactus

10 colorful ceramic houses

Ceramic coral reef wave

Colored house and tower

Bakery tiny house

Pirate style candle holder



Brooch female bust

Brooch Dreamy girl bust

Brooch female bust 50s style

Gothic cameo necklace

Black jellyfish necklace

Black button necklace

Brocade button necklace

Green copper necklace

Turquoise necklace

Round turquoise pendant

Turquoise pendant

Pirates necklace

Pirates ring

Round copper pendant

Sea creature necklace

Shell neklace



MyMuthones wind chime


MyMuthones wind chime


MyMuthones wind chime


MyMuthones wind chime


Animal figures


Blue bull figure

Ceramic sea turtle

Ceramic mouflon

Ceramic bull

Triangular seal

Triangular mouflon

Triangular bull

Wild boar

Teddy bear figure

Tuna sculpture

Cave blue bull



Turquoise sea coral plate

Turquoise sea plate

Marine plate with gold

Marine mini plate with gold

Sea-inspired plate

Marine horizon plate gold

Gothic fantasy


Gothic woman frame

decapitated woman

Ceramic Christmas elf

Halloween House



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