Bottega artigiana della ceramica


Rina was the first name given to the artistic activity of Vittoria Valmaggia, known especially due to her one of a kind dolls in traditional costumes typical for different areas of Sardinia, with meticulous stitchings and miniature jewelry that merged various art techniques: ceramics (hands and faces), tailoring and goldsmithing. Other creations were made entirely in ceramics and included small sculptures inspired by faces of Sardinian women, small animal figures, floral patterns and varied plates with marine motives.

As a stylist and seamstress, she designed and created the first modern version of Sardinian costumes. In her shop in Cannigione opened in 1982, still owned by the family, she created the most important dolls, some of which donated to pope John Paul II, the Nobel Peace Prize winner Mikhail Gorbachev, Italian president Francesco Cossiga, Lady Diana, Princess Caroline of Monaco and other Italian and international celebrities. Today we continue the family’s tradition of handmade ceramics inspired by the local nature, Sardinian culture and rituals.



RINAdal1965   -   Bottega artigiana della ceramica