Ethnic ceramic sculptures


MyMuthones      is a silent, then thunderous roar like a downpour exploding on the ground. It’s impossible not to get petrified when bumping into this ancestral spirit with a few human traits, buck fur and beast’s movements. Nobody knows whether his arrival brings good luck but each step is announced by a monotonous bell sound that accompanies Sardinian life cycle since ages.

Wind chimes

This wind chime is inspired by the Sardinian masks of Mamuthones respected since ages in rituals ensuring a fortunate passage from one season to another, from the old year to a new one. Their severe and firm face covered with a black cloth is a local symbol of the secular culture merging prehistoric beliefs with shepherds lifestyle. That’s why goat fur and bells carried on the back are inseparable elements. Our wind chimes are made of a natural Sardinian clay with glittery glass powder and include artisanal metal bells that together with the internal ceramic label emit two different sounds based on wind strength.

* This is a handcrafted item, thus shade and form of each wind chime may differ from the others.

Mamuthones tiny ceramic wind chimes for Christmas tree, set of 3

Height about 7 cm (2 13/4“).


Mamuthones small ceramic wind chime, Halloween decor, Sardinian mask

Height about 9 cm (3 1/5“).


Mamuthones medium ceramic wind chime Sardinian sculpture

Height about 10,5 cm (4 1/6“).


Mamuthones big ceramic wind chime Sardinian sculpture

Height about 16,5 cm (6 1/2“).




RINAdal1965   -   Bottega artigiana della ceramica