Bottega artigiana della ceramica


This Nativity set makes part of the Mediterranean-Fantasy collection inspired by the characteristic architecture of the Sardinian Emerald Coast. Composed by three tiny houses, a church recalling the Stella Maris of Porto Cervo and an altar with Saint Mary. Each piece is different and entirely handmade with purposely visible creation effects on natural clay and rustic-style brush painted white tonalities. The miniature of Saint Mary has countryside features with blue shades on her mantle.



houses 8 cm x 6 cm (3 1/6" x 2 1/3")

church 10 cm x 8 cm, height 11,5 cm (3 9/10" x 3 1/6" x 4 1/2")

altar about 6 cm x 5 cm (2 1/3" x 2")


Price for the entire set (5 elements).


* This is a sculpture thus each element of the set differs from the others. In case of particular requests, please contact us before concluding your purchase.

Nativity scene, Christmas, ceramic village, Saint Mary altar set of 5, Sardinian ceramic sculpture, Christmas ornament, Made in Italy


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