Bottega artigiana della ceramica


Starting with a triangle - a figure strongly related to either Christian or pagan religious beliefs, we obtained three animals important for Sardinian culture and nature: bull, seal and mouflon. 


Equilateral triangles contain the four classical elements; with an angle directed up they symbolize fire and become symbols of air when crossed by a horizontal line; similarly, when an angle is directed downward, the triangles are symbols of water and develop into signs of mother Earth when crossed by a horizontal line.


* Our mouflons are made in terracotta fired at 950°C with a double-color airbrush painting reminding leather and fixed using a cloth soaked with liquid wax. Slight differences in color and form may result from the handmade nature of this item.


*This is a limited collection of 50 and the last pieces are available exclusively in our Etsy store. 


Dimensions: length 9 cm (3 1/2"), height 9 cm (3 1/2")

Ceramic mouflon sculpture, triangular collection, animal figure, mouflon miniature, Sardinia ceramics, made in Italy.


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RINAdal1965   -   Bottega artigiana della ceramica