Bottega artigiana della ceramica


This small totem sculpture is inspired by neolithic menhir shaped in monolithic rock, typical to the island of Sardinia. Stone effect is obtained thanks to Matt finish with shades that recall limestone crust and rock moss, created through the use of different clay types. The main figure resembles Sardinian bronze warriors handling two decorated shields with crackled glaze layer for an ancient polished look. The symbol engraved below represents bull's head as icon of animal adored by Sardinian neolithic inhabitants in their pagan worship and depicted on prehistoric constructions as a magic protective force and sign of male fertility.


total height 12 cm (4,7")

* This is a small handmade sculpture thus each menhir differs from the others. In case of particular requests, please contact us before concluding your purchase.

Menhir, monoliths, standing stone, Stonehenge, neolithic, ceramic, warrior statue, ritual magic, cave bull, Sardinia ceramics, made in Italy


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RINAdal1965   -   Bottega artigiana della ceramica